Remediation of Arctic Melting to Help Correct Global Warming

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1.....The albedo value--(i.e., the percentage of solar radiation that is reflected from a surface)--of sea water is only 5-10%, whereas the albedo value of fresh snow is 80-90%. Accordingly, once the disintegration of an ice sheet has proceeded to the point where free water surfaces appear, the rate of further disintegration is very much accelerated due to the low albedo value of open sea water.

2...The Solution is to reinstate snow and ice cover and delay the melting of the Arctic Ice Cap beyond the seasonal September crisis level.

3...Making snow is a solution and by doing that in the locations ringed in red (see sidebar), remediation is possible since these are the locations which provoke rapid melting leading to open water conditions.

4...It is proposed to use decommissioned, functional Wind turbines to manufacture snow using snow cannons to deepen the snow coverage in selected areas. 27KW Snow making cannons on SnoCats can provide 400 acres of manufactured snow in 12 hours from a 2MW wind turbine (see sidebar sketch)

5...As the Arctic Winds blow so does the snow coverage increase courtesy of the WindTurbines (and of course by normal Arctic Snowfall).

6...Turbine Foundations would consist of Hoverbarges to move the Turbines to location. (see sidebar)

7....As one location is fixed, the Hoverbarges can be brought on cushion and moved to new locations. The use of Hoverbarges protects the Arctic environment since their “footprint” is less than that of a human and where normally large foundations are used to secure the turbines, the mobile dual use hoverbarges take their place. (Dual use? The barges can be used later as air cushion ice breakers to keep seaways open....another geo engineering proposal!)

8....Support vehicles (such as Snow Cats) would all be electrically powered from the Wind Turbines generators. The logic behind this is that of producing clean power in an environmentally sensitive location

9...Manufactured snow has a higher density than natural snow and compacts more, so it takes longer to melt providing longer term remediation. An occasional fresh snow cover as required to maintain the albedo value is projected.

10..Since most of the locations are in Canada, it becomes a Canadian responsibility to carry out remediation with support from the international communities

11..A pilot Proof of Concept would be arranged around one of the Wind Turbines at Port Burwell on Lake Erie during winter.

12..Considerable detail is on file for exploiting this proposal, and the concept provides a certainty factor allowing “Create the Future” to continue into the next century.


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