Low Cost Reaper

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From the age of stone, agriculture has been a major source of income generation and source of life. Lot of developments have been done in this direction to create it as an innovative and substantial occupation for the future generation. From the days when farming was done with the help of animals to today where whole process of farming is done completely by automated machines, many discoveries have been done which have made the life of farmers painless. But on the other side the hiking prices of the machines has made the wizardry of farmers a miserable capability. During our research period we found lot of troubles that farmers are facing in our country and overseas as well. As our agriculture sector is facing a problem of manual machineries, because there are lot of husbandry machines that are automated and need electricity to work, but on the other side they are costly as well. After analyzing all the facts and the problem that are existing, we came up with a solution to design and manufacture a manually operating reaper keeping its cost low and making it functional up to the mark.

In the initial stage while focusing on the design of our manual harvester we focused on four aspects:
1. Complexity
2. Functionality
3. Usability
4. Industrial design

After putting lot of efforts in research we moved to the stage of refining our research in which we changed and phrase our target and our target was “We need to make something that can minimize the hard efforts of the farmer in the whole cultivation process.” Along the way of doing informed study we finalize ourselves to “Manual operating low cost reaper.” This reaper has multiplier of 30, which help in increasing the feed speed by 30 times. In parallel to farming it can also be used as trolley during construction.

MECHANISM USED: Whitworth quick return motion mechanism.
This reaper works on the pushing mechanism of the farmer, as it is the easiest way to drive any machine in the field. The reaper is ergonomically designed and environmental friendly as well. As currently we are working on our prototype, whose chassis has been manufactured that can be seen in the pictures attached below. We have also done its 3d modelling in AutoCAD.

We believe that “True hard work makes the future best.”


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    Shashank Nigam
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    Shashank Nigam, Ritwik Shukla, Pardeep Phullay
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    After talking to the farmers, their NEED inspired me.
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    Autodesk Inventor
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