Road Repair Machine

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Every year millions of people have to deal with damaged roads and potholes. The slow pace of repair work greatly hampers movement of people, goods and services and causes inconvenience to countless people. We intend to address the root cause of this problem, by developing an autonomous road repair system that would use an unconventional repair approach, i.e. spray injection patching to repair potholes. The system would be assisted by an on board image processing unit to identify and profile potholes so that the repair process can be carried out without external inputs, thus making the process faster, durable and cost effective.

Unique aspects of the machine:
More durable solutions: Patches last much longer as compared to conventional methods like throw and roll.
Minimal disruption of traffic: Repair work can be completed in significantly less time so that prolonged road blockages are avoided.
Portable: Reducing the size of the machine to enable operation in less accessible regions like hills and deserts.
Easy to operate: Minimal manual task/supervision required.
Less labor intensive: Requires 1 operator as opposed to 4-5 in conventional methods.
Low Cost: Reduced material wastage along with above mentioned features make the machine extremely cost effective. A working prototype was manufactured in less than INR 30,000.


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    Aarjav Malhotra
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    Aarjav Malhotra
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    Jibraan Singh Chahal
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