Smart Plow

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"Smart Plow" is a robotic machine that will put the end to the common problem that cities across the world experience during the winter time street cleaning operation.

"Smart Plow" is attached to the existing City Utility Trucks, and is robotically controlled and operated by the GPS and RF signals, independently from the Truck Operator, who is only occupied with directing the Truck along the Street.

This System will speed up the present operation, reduce the vehicle emissions, reduce the number of trucks needed for the operation, reduce the operating and capital cost (25-30%), eliminate the losses the economy bears due to being late to work because of blocked driveways in the morning when people leave for work, the instances of heart attacks in (mostly) elderly individuals, trying to shovel-away the heavy snow-ridge at the driveway entrances, leaving the intersection-sides clean for the traffic's unimpeded cross-flow, etc....

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    Mike Andic
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    Improving the standard of living, decreasing all taxes and abolishing some of them, by implementing highly automated solutions for trivial and repetitive tasks, so we can concentrate on a "High-Level-Activities".

    Other than that, it's usually the frustration with the way some things are done that "inspires" me to do something about it.
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