Life Light

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This invention has to do with biophotonic materials that induce the mitochondrial electron transport chain to improve upon itself and actually prolong life. It is a system that once used can effectively reverse the aging process through the use of light and water. Albeit that it would have to be an invasive property that is able to reach the mitochondrial core so the method would have to be one of an ingested nature.

Surface photon rejuvenation is easily available these days but further research needs to be applied to the sciences of core mitochondrial rejuvenation through the processes of light dissipation to the mitochondrial cell thus increasing the ATP cycle for increased energy to that cell.

Methods for directing and retaining the light energy needs to be completed. Apparatus needs to be constructed and applied for this light energy to be adequate and effective in its operative state to the mitochondrial cell(s).

Thus gentleman we are talking about long lives and fundamentally applying these measures to increase life spans of humans and to eventually eradicate all disease.

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