Multi Reservoir Airbrush Living Tissue 3D Stem Cell Painter/Injector

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This handheld airbrush stem cell sprayer pen is used to selectively airbrush spray OR INJECT stem cells, other cells, and other ingredients onto (or into) injured human tissues, incubating cultured living tissues, and dissolvable 3D preprinted scaffolds for growing living tissues in thin film layers. This handheld airbrush stem cell sprayer pen (or injector) can be guided by a human hand. Several cooled reservoirs feeding the sprayer / injector pen are filled with autologous cells, mesenchymal stem cells, allogenic cells, dermal fibroblasts, xeogenic cells, syngeneic or isogenic cells, primary cells, secondary cells, adult and embryonic stem cells, tissue-matrix materials, biochemical growth factors, collogen, blood, multipotent , pluripotent, and totipotent stem cells. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are your ordinary adult cells that have been genetically reprogrammed to be in an embryonic-stem-cell–like state. Such genetic reprogramming is achieved by adding genes or changing genes of the chromosomes of the cell to become like embryonic stem cells’ chromosomes.

The multi fluid reservoirs can selectively deliver to a painter pen airbrush sprayer head (or injector needle) the chosen cell type (or other material) to be sprayed upon a target objective. The target objective could be on dissolvable scaffolds for vascular grafts, skin grafts, kidney replacement grafts , pancreas islet cell replacement grafts, liver cell replacement grafts, heart muscle replacement grafts, and bone or cartilage replacement grafts. It can also be used to spray sequential layers of cells in a whole organ on a dissolvable scaffold. Three of several kinds of interchangeable replaceable painter pen airbrush sprayer / injector heads are described as follows:

(1) The first has one replaceable reservoir of ordinary tissue cells, stem cells or (other above described materials) in the handheld painter pen airbrush SPRAYER HEAD (like the replaceable cartridges in Hewlett Packard inkjet printers or hypodermic syringe without a needle).

(2) The second SPRAYER HEAD has direct or programmable selector buttons similar to a selectable soda dispenser in a bar or soda fountain shop. Selector buttons can be in the hand held sprayer or remote to it. Compressed air from a compressor forces cells and other fluidic materials from the selected reservoir through tubes to the sprayer pen head. Water cleanser is thrust through the tubes and pen while pointed towards waste disposal between selections to clean it.

(3) The third configuration is the same as either above except that AN INJECTOR NEEDLE replaces the sprayer head. The injector needle can inject stem cells into areas killed in cancer treatments or in other areas to stimulate growth. In this way, the multireservour airbrush living tissue 3d stem cell painter sprayer pen can be used to paint with living tissues to replace burned or otherwise damaged tissues, deposit tissues on scaffolds, build tissue grafts, build organs ,and ultimately to save lives.


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