IntraVenous Medication Anti-Infection Device (IV MAID)

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Healthcare acquired infections (HAI) are on the rise in our healthcare facilities. Each year, 250,000 blood stream infections occur according to the CDC. This creates a significant expense in terms of both morbidity and financial costs. The IV MAID is a new and innovative device which solves several challenges in healthcare facilities for both clinicians and patients. It is a novel product which provides solutions and benefits.

The IV MAID provides patient centered care. It attaches to the patient's IV Pole, traveling with the patient at all times. It has a locking compartment to house prescription medications needed to care for vascular access devices, providing FDA compliant medication storage at the bedside. This saves clinicians time, up to 6 minutes per intravenous administration. There is also an open compartment in the front which houses other supplies necessary to care for vascular access devices for disinfection prior to intravenous administration. On the front of the open compartment is education for best practice to disinfect vascular access device hubs, providing on the spot education for both clinicians and patients which will reduce the incidence of blood stream infections from vascular access devices. There is nothing out there like this product, it is a simple and all encompassing solution to several problems: FDA medication storage, infections from both cross contamination between patients as well as vascular access devices, saves time, saves inventory shrinkage from supplies going home in clinicians pockets and gives crucial education for best cares for vascular access devices.

The product will be used in any healthcare facility, one on each IV Pole next to each hospital bed. The market potential in the US is just under 1 Million hospital beds, and upwards of 17 Million worldwide. The design, being simple, works perfectly in the healthcare setting, taking the space on the IV Pole which is not utilized at eye level. It is disinfected between patient use. The product is currenty made of acrylic being welded, and with larger quantities will be molded. The IV MAID will improve patient outcomes by reducing the number of HAI's acquired in healthcare facilities. It will save precious caregiver time, which can then be redirected to other more important direct patient cares and documentation for continuity of care. By saving time, we are saving money; by eliminating infections and providing FDA compliant storage we are saving money and creating better patient outcomes. Patient safety is my number one priority being a health care clinician. With the IV MAID, we will make providing care easier and more proficient leading to positive patient outcomes.


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