Novel Invention for the Alleviation of Foot Pain and other Dibilitating Health Conditions

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My design idea/invention has a 100% success rate for the alleviation of foot pain as described by the 10 people who have used my home built prototypes. Also, test subjects who previously suffered from other ailments such as diabetic neuropathy, foot pain from arthritis, occular myathemia gravis, and tenosynovitis had documented benefits from the use of my prototypes.

The benefits of my idea include: no batteries are required, zero maintenance once placed into either shoes as inserts or as built into shoes themselves. There are no other products available that delivers electric pulse therapy to the patient while the patient walks or runs, and without any sensation that electrical pulses are being delivered to the bottom of the patient's feet.

The market, as I have discovered is unbelievably large. There are more people with foot pain from various reasons that I had ever suspected.

My invention utilizes piezoelectric cells built into either shoe inserts or built into the shoes themselves. The piezoelectric cells deliver pulses of electricity to the bottom of the wearer's feet with each step taken. The voltage is in the range of + and - 200 volts with only about 5 micro amps of current. This is well below the "threshold of human sensation" and therefor, the therapy is not felt by the wearer.

My invention, either in "removable shoe insert" form, or as "built directly into the soles of theraputic shoes" is very manufacturable. There are no other products available that work on this same principle that are completely battery free and can be worn while the person is mobile, either walking or running. Therefor a person, say a nurse, athlete, construction worker, or grocery store clerk can have un-felt therapy delivered during the course of their workday or shift. At the end of their day, they have no pain or discomfort associated with their feet.

The concept is similar in my opinion, to Chinese Reflexology, in that specific areas on the bottom of human feet corresponds to specific bodily organs. Electrical stimulation of the bottoms of the feet promotes blood flow to these peripherial areas in addition to stimulation of other internal organs - hence, why I say it is similar to reflexology treatments.

I used to suffer from diabetic foot neuropathy from type 2 diabeties. When I confronted my medical doctor as to how to reduce the foot pain, he could only recommend drugs. I decided to find an alternative to the drugs and found that by stimulating my feet with a simple electrical circuit powered by piezoelectric cells, my foot pain vanished after several days of using prototypes of my own design.

I submitted an intellectual property disclosure to the company I work for (Medtronic). They are not interested in the idea and have released my invention back to me to pursue.


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