New asthma inhaler

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Asthma is increasing in all cities of all industrial nations. Asthma affects kids to all ages. The sickness & deaths are increasing all over. Inhalers are the preferred devices for lung drug delivery. Unfortunately, patients are unhappy with inhalers. There are 2 types of inhalers -- MDI (metered dose inhaler) with a propellant & DPI (dry powder inhaler) with no propellants. Propellants are polluting, may be ozone depleting. DPI sprays the powder as spray. Both are not deep inhaling.

Idea: Why not a deep, easy inhaling nonpolluting low cost devices for all ages?

We need to change the design for easy inhalation.

The Device:
It has a body with a small narrow mouthpiece holding a capsule. It has inside a needle fitted on a spring assisted plunger. The body is streamlined -- wide back, narrow front for maximal air velocity to spray the powder.

Mode of Use:
Load the drug capsule with the needed drug in mouthpiece. Push the plunger. This needle creates a hole in the capsule, 4mm in back 3mm in the front of the capsule. Keep mouthpiece in mouth & inhale. The air from the back creates a high velocity flow in the back of the capsule & sprays from the front of capsule.

The inhalation is deep & long. The mouthpiece is 8-10 mm wide. The MDI inhalers have more than 15mm opening & produce slow shallow breathing -- hence failure is reduced in ours.

The other DPIs have no axial high velocity air flow creation -- better powder spray in ours.

1. Deep slow inhalation for all ages.
2. Anyone can use it- no dose counting, coordination problems
3. Eco safe, low cost.
4. It glows in the dark for easy visualization at night.

Affordable easy inhaler for asthmatics. We have also done few lung scans. For naming we call it Maxhaler- maximum inhalation.


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