Exam Table Paper Shredder

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The Exam Table Paper Shredder is an idea for physician's offices. This idea is simply to feed exam table paper into a shredder that has a cord with a button that can be stepped on to activate the process of shredding the soiled table paper. This process would be fast and efficient, and it would reduce the amount of trash in the room's waste can. I believe the biggest plus of this idea is that it keeps the nurse or CNA from having to touch paper that is soiled with germs, blood, and other bodily fluids after each patient on a daily basis, therefore reducing the risk of passing said germs to other patients, co-workers, etc.


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    Sam Jones
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Buying toys, playing with grandsons
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    I had owned & operated a commercial cleaning business for 30 years, and needed a hand held tool for hard to reach spots, stairs, and corners when shampooing carpet, a sponge wasn't abrasive enough, and a brush was too abrasive. At this point I began my design for the Wonder Glove. I cleaned large medical office buildings, and got the idea for the Exam Table Paper Shredder, just by seeing how much table paper was in the waste cans every night. I knew there had to be a solution to minimizing all this trash, and the elimination of spreading germs was a big added bonus!
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