MDDS Micro Drug Delivery System (pill)

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The following description is for the MDDS (Micro Drug Delivery System) and does not require an IV connection to the patient. This MDDS pill is swallowed whole and excreted in the excrement. The MDDS "pill" is a HCl acid resistant polymer covered caplet shaped device which contains a remotely programmable and monitored nanocomputer ( RCMnC ) which controls the delivery of up to 4 different drugs of which are active at low doses from .001 mg/1.0 ug up to 25 mg per dose. The RCMnC controls micro pump jets based on ink jet printer head technology however scaled down to allow for onboard attachment within the MDDS pill body.

The 4 micro pump jets are attached to small bladders which are filled with the substances to be delivered.

In the case of PLAN A2 , pain management can be implemented using the structure shown in the diagram of the portable unit which communicates directly with the ingested MDDS pill. PUMP 1 (fentanyl citrate) at 50ug/hr is a moderate to high dose of this pain killer. PUMP 2 (diphenhydramine hcl) 25mg doses prn/or via practitioners order. PUMP 3 ( naloxone HCl ) released or via practitioners order to reverse agonistic effects of mu opioid . PUMP 4 (methylnaltrexone HCl) released prn/or via practitioners order for controlling the constipation effect of the opioid. for combating histamine release or for assistance with the analgesic effect of the opioid. This is an all in one pain management and emergency management regimen for use with the supervision of the physician and management software downloaded into the RCMnC.

The RCMn Computer is able to detect certain bodily chemistries and states including but not limited to oxygen, CO2, pH, blood pressure, glucose and Temperature. This is accomplished using one of the many chemo- and bio-sensors in its sensor array.

The MDDS bioBattery is non-toxic and is ecosafe as are most parts of the MDDS.

The RCMnC is programmed via the main dock which also serves as a one time fill station. The pill is constantly monitored during its active delivery lifespan of up to 3 days, depending on its mission using the portable LCD Touchscreen system with belt-clip or other fastener. This monitoring unit also has a built in safety which disables the MDDS in the event of an error.

The dock's control software has built in safety parameters as well. Identification of the patient is conducted prior to every dose delivery within and outside the MDDS pill. If the unit is tampered with it will go into safety mode, alert the doctor and await approval to continue, otherwise it will not administer any substance.


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