ADCDS-1801 18-bit, 1.25 Megapixels/Second CCD Image Converter

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The ADCDS-1801 is an industry-leading, application specific CCD image converter designed for electronic-imaging applications that employ CCD's (charge coupled devices) as their photodetector. The ADCDS-1801 incorporates a "user configurable" input amplifier, a CDS (correlated double sampler) and an 18-bit resolution sampling A/D converter in a single package, providing the user with a complete, high performance, low-cost, low-power, integrated solution.

The key to the ADCDS-1801's performance is a unique, high-speed, high-accuracy CDS circuit, which eliminates the effects of residual charge, charge injection and "kT/C" noise on the CCD's output floating capacitor, producing a pixel data output signal. The ADCDS-1801 digitizes this resultant pixel data signal using a high-speed, low-noise sampling A/D converter.

The ADCDS-1801 requires only the rising edge of start convert pulse to initiate its conversion process and a Reference Hold command to acquire and hold the CCD reference level output. Additional features of the ADCDS-1801 include gain adjust, offset adjust, precision +2.048V reference, a user selectable OVDD supply voltage range of 2.5V to 3.3V, and a programmable analog bandwidth function. It is available in a 44 pin SMT Quad Pak.


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