Using a chemical engineering science algorithm on a smart device to improve health

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A method based on chemical engineering science has been developed to an extent to aid providers and patients to monitor and control disease using Smart Phones. This proprietary method has been developed by myself and tested. It works very well in a select application developed so far. I think it can be invaluable for patients to exercise self-regulation to control medicinal doses in response to observed effects. This control can avoid excursions that lead to deteriorating health. The method allows patients to monitor aspects of their life style that are shown to directly affect their illness in the best way possible.

The patient can do this themselves using a Smart Phone or similar device. Physicians should be very interested as this will aid them to help their patients. I believe initial model formats can be developed in a manner that device regulatory approval can be sought if and when required.

I need funding to support the work into additonal applications and convert it to a format suitable for programming/loading on a Smart Device in cooperation with an interested party.

I believe that my method will apply to diseases involving metabolism, cardiology, hematology, pathology, infection, and cancer, as examples. The application will require adaptation of my method to each of this areas with time. I need funding to support doing this. Application to other areas of disease is possible following identification of parameters within the context of my method and my analysis. Obviously, the extent of application requires validation in terms of the applicabiilty of my method to various diseases. I only know it works well so far for my initial application. The funding will allow me to develop this further and examine possibilities for other diseases. This is an ideal way to couple a Smart Phone Computer technology hardware and software application to chemical engineering science to benefit health care. I think medical insurance plans will be very interested in this as it will help them reduce costs to serve patients and medical providers in the best way possible.

Thank you.

Walter E. Goldstein, Ph.D., PE


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