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Ever wondered if computers can solve your health ailments? Yes, I propose a model to bring that into reality by taking advantage of analytics and networked doctors. This model calls for a care-for-society attitude from doctors to handle a few cases free-of-cost. However, it does necessitate them to completely abandon their regular practice. Just a few cases online everyday by everyone would serve the purpose.

Patients have to register first by providing basic details such as name, address and email. Once registered, the patients have access to key-in their symptoms and/or difficulties that they encounter in a separate window. Now, text and data mining is done on the information provided by the patients and all the required information is gathered through this. An online repository holding digitized medical sciences books forms the backbone of this predictive analytics. In an era where Google digitizes virtually all of the available books, this digitization is clearly feasible. Now, robust algorithms, based on artificial intelligence, neural networks and analytics, are built to mimic a doctor who seeks his learnt knowledge to diagnose the patient. Once the algorithm diagnoses the patient based on the inputs provided, the results are made available to the user.

Now, one may argue that this may not be accurate and can have disastrous consequences if diagnosed incorrectly. Well, to resolve this, the algorithm is to be designed in such a way that the results are shown only if the results are above a defined threshold(say 80% accurate).This is pretty much possible. For cases when the algorithm is not able to diagnose, the algorithm connects the patient based on his location entered at the time of sign-up or using his/her IP address and getting the geographic location from that. The patients can also come here even during the cases when he/she is sceptical about the efficacy of the algorithm. Once here, the algorithm connects the patient with the nearest available doctor with whom the patient can interact. A separate chat window is available for this interaction. People may also prefer to connect with the doctors through Skype, GTalk etc and provisions are made for those as well.

The high-point of this model lies in connecting the patients with the doctors who are near their geographic coordinates so that diagnosis is done based on local conditions, medicines available in the area and a host of other related variables. A provision is made available so that the patients can take a second opinion by consulting with another doctor. Once the diagnosis is done, the medication is prescribed and the patients can sign-off. There are many functions like measuring the pulse, heart-beat etc. which cannot be performed online. However, this platform can be used for basic consultations and in cases where online diagnosis is not possible get prior knowledge about one's ailments before stepping into a hospital. Also, the patients have the flexibility to choose to save their ailments so that they are freed from typing the same information over and over again/follow-up visits.


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