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This invention advocates the setting up of a global cloud computing network with websites designated as to handle processing of laboratory ananlysis by interactive internet-linked interface (11,12,13) as shown in Figure 2 would be managed by the World Wide Web Corporation (3WC) and other service providers. A similar hub would handle processes relating to medical diagnosis of diseases and biochemical reactions.

Presently, a typical laboratory consists of a room or building where scientific equipment or chemicals are kept. Within the confines of the laboratory, scientists conduct tests, teach or perform experiments and treat illnesses.

The constant use of equipment and chemicals by scientists necessitate costly purchase, transportation and maintenance in order to provide fast-track, competitive and cutting edge services to health-care professionals, scientists, end-users and beneficiaries.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to make laboratory more cost effective by developing the e-lab.

To measure soil acidity for instance, a pH meter is required. The price of this device ranges in tens of dollars. However, rather than purchasing a pH meter, a less costly e-lab biotechnology electrode (1,4,7,8,9) in Figure 1 of the attached diagrams would be provided to the end-user. When this device is immersed in a solution(2), it would measure the pH as encrypted information through a microprocessor in any portable computerized device, e.g. cell-phone or laptop(5,10,11). The digital information could then be uploaded onto the internet where the encrypted information would be processed by the e-lab service provider into a visually readable pH data(6). A disposable or re-usable bio-tech pH electrode might be provided.

The above-mentioned internet compatibility would be ideal for certain scientific tests such as screening of blood fluid components, eye defects, enzyme activity, optical, sonic and temperature measurements.

Secondly, e-diagnostics could be defined as the use of the internet as a source for processing digital information on chemical reactions.

With the coming of e-diagnostics, expensive analytical machines would be separated into two parts. The first less expensive part or 'in-house component' would contain the reader-cum-data-collector at the consumer end.

An 'e-diagnostics-cloud-computing component' which would be controlled by the service provider would be the second part. In this device, the data uploaded from the consumers would be sent through the internet to the network of the service

Therefore, scientists who study biological and paleontological specimen at remote locations around the globe would be saved the hassle of having to purchase, maintain or move a large and expensive machines.
Advantages of e-lab & e-diagnostics
• Less expensive and more light-weight equipment.
• Lesser amount of chemicals required for tests.
• Simplified and reduced maintenance cost.
• Affordable screening procedure.
• Accessibility from remote locations.
• Easy equipment mobility.
• Convenient.
• User friendly.
• Revolutionize the field of bio-informatics and laboratory technology.
• Possibility of designing portable electronic devices that could serve as analytical and diagnostic tools.
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