An Intelligent Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler

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Generally, patient gets medicine in three ways: Injection, Swallowing or Inhaling. With injection and swallowing, the dosage of drug goes into the body are exact. While inhaling procedure and consequence are more complicated (Fig 1). Although the quantity of each dosage of a medical spray is supposed to be the same, the effective dosage and distribution of atomized meter dose inhaler into airway are largely based on the inhaling waveform and inhaling/spraying time relationship.

At present, how the patients are really doing in this matter is not known to the doctors. Incorrect inhaling will largely affect treating efficiency, lower patient/doctor/pharmacist compliance, and waste of medical resources.

With this revolutionary “Intelligent Inhaler” (Fig 2), the action of inhaling is monitored by an impeller mechanism, the time and flow rate are recorded. This impeller is very smartly designed, without interference to spray passage.

Computer Aided Fluid-Particle Dynamics Simulation was conducted to study the impact of aerosol release time (Tr) with different inhalation patterns (waveforms), optimum aerosol-release-time has been suggested. More importantly, with the help of laser reflection and high speed video, the flow of atomized meter dose inhaler in the inhaling process has been carefully analyzed. Key design parameters such as switch time (Ts), mechatronic delay time (Tm) were determined with laser image process, Ti is the delay time can be adjust (Fig 3). The system then automatically sprays medicine according to the inhaling action, controlled by microchip, at the optimum time.
Most of the meter dose inhaler on the market fits in the design, by only a simple clamping.

The advantages of “Intelligent Inhaler” are as follows:
1. Auto-Spray
Insuring definite dosage into the airway system;
2. Flexible starting flow rate
Only 5L/min is needed to actuate the mechanism,
Suitable for all ages, especially children and elderly;
3. Simple to operate
Adaptable for most brand mechanical inhalers;
4. Low cost
Affordable with minimum spending;
5. Recordable inhaling flow & compliance
Viewing the progress of improvement.


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