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The challenge:
Even though there are many wheelchair designs existing today still the following needs are not met.
1. There is no specific design for a one armed person
2. Wheelchair that can folded and put into car, bus
3. Ultra light - like in the range of 10-12 kg
4. Intelligent which follow guide the occupant's instructions
5. Which can have maximum tipping angle to avoid tips and falls
6. Which can operate both in powered and manual mode

The solution: i-3waha

i-3triwaha is a first of its kind 3 wheeled wheelchair for a one armed person which can be folded and put into a car. the control is based on an intelligent system, which has 20 degrees of tipping provision. Utra light weighing only 16 lb. The wheelchair has a hub motor which can run both in powered and manual mode. The wheel is patent pending. The wheel does not require external aid.


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    Ravi Katukam
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    Ravi Katukam, Srikanth chinta, Swethagya Kusa, Samba Vutla, Madan Arjunana, Shaik Kalesha
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