WAND (Wound Analysis Device)

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W.A.N.D (Wound Analysis Device) is capable of analyzing wounds using Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging Technique (LSCI). This device consists of 14 lasers of different wavelengths viz,650,785,850,980 nm. These lasers illuminates the region of interest (wound) sequentially and the camera captures the images. From the acquired images, processing is done using MATLAB software to produce an image of relative blood flow velocity of that area.

W.A.N.D is designed to produce perfusion maps and help the doctors in analyzing the progressive healing of wounds over a period of time. Doctors can also predict the effect of drugs being administered on the patient in the healing of wounds by monitoring the wound and taking its images regularly using WAND.

W.A.N.D is being standardized now and is being tested on a number of subjects after collaboration with various hospitals.



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    Indranil Chandra
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    Indranil Chandra
    Bhakti Baheti
    Deepak Kumar
    Nandita Kuvuluri
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    Lack of devices available to the doctors in not so rich hospitals for tracking the healing of wounds and effect of drugs on the wound healing process.
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    MATLAB and Arduino libraries
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