ECG Front-End Development Kit

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This design is a set of electronic PCB boards that correspond to the front-end connection to the patient side for ECG. The idea of the design is NOT the design of the whole devices but allowing the design of ECG devices to medical researches or designers.

The boards consist in all the required patient isolation and defibrillation protection systems for the ECG leads. Includes certain optional “Right Leg Drive” circuitry. There are several models in the product line. Limbs Leads Systems, Augmented Lead, 12 Leads Systems (DIN and D-Sub).

Each one of the boards will be provided with the instructions, software and libraries to communicate to it through several devices, Bluetooth, Wifi, USB, etc. The package will include some examples of communications with PC applications.

The idea of the product is the customer (developer) will be able to access all the data collected from the board and process into a device, PC, Laptop or Mobile to create its own applications without the need to develop the Patient Front-End.

The ECG Patient Front-End development board is constructed using a TI analog to digital converter and a DSP but one of the important characteristics of this development kit is that contains a customizable FPGA socket that allow the researcher to develop and test its own filtering and pattern recognition algorithms and allow the manufacturer of the kit to sale different detecting algorithms for different diagnosis while protecting his intellectual property.

The idea of the kit is to be inexpensive in order to be able to be purchased by students, schools or professional researches that wanted to put hands on the circuitry or in the processing algorithms or by manufacturers of very specialized medical pattern recognitions systems.


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