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In the world today, people are having to wear those tacky sunglasses just to be able to go outside. Then once it gets too hot, they go for a swim with those weird looking water goggles. Introducing the new Sun and Waterproof contacts. These make it so that when you go out in public, you put them on your eyes and it blocks out the sun while it does not mess up your vision. Then when you go for a swim, they won't fall out and will try to make it easier to see under water.

How it Works

The contacts have a tinted plastic so it blocks out the sun. To make it waterproof, we just added bits of the water goggles which are used today.


These contacts will transform the world of water and outdoor activities so no longer will we have to wear those sunglasses and those water goggles that can sometimes make you look kind of nerdy when hanging out at the beach with your friends.


People will always buy our product because, as the saying goes, "In with the new, out with the old." They will no longer want to carry around their sunglasses or their water goggles, they can now have both with the size of two pennies.


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