Adaptive Medical Bed

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The Adaptive Medical Bed is an idea I came up with during my grandfather's battle with cancer. While in the Hospital, Rehab Center and Home Hospice I noticed numerous issues with moving him laterally and elevating a side or part of a side. These issues were exacerbated by the pain he was experiencing. Elevating his head, torso or legs were better but still not optimum.

It is designed to help patients who have trouble moving or it is painful to move them, lateral or longitudinal elevation. This bed is designed to assist the patient in getting on their side in a comfortable position that does not bring pain to the patient as well as help the doctor with the task at hand. The bed is connected to a computer in which you are able to enter the patient's weight, height and other parameters. You also identify pain points and areas that need attention. From there the bed will maneuver until the patient is in the best position for their pain level and what needs to be done. The weight and height will be known so that the bed knows how much force needed to elevate the patient, once the patient is on their side the half that is elevated will lower down. There will be poles with pads on them that will be apart of the bed, the doctor will be able to use the poles to support the patient, this ensures that the doctors hands will be free while working and that the patient is comfortable. The computer that is attached to the bed will have a program on it that uses the weight and height of the patient and will suggest the best position to but the poles on the patient so that he stays on his side with the least amount of pressure on the patient. The doctor is now able to work on the backside of the patient without the worry of trying to hold him up while working and the bed assists the doctor on positioning so that the patient is comfortable.

Another feature of the bed is that besides the 2 halves that can lift the patient it has 8 sections within the bed that can be lifted up individually to prevent bed sores and to relieve pressure on the patient.

The technology within the bed is fairly simple with use of motors to elevate the appropriate section of the bed, and using a circuit board like adruino that will be able to communicate the computers program to use the bed to its maximum potential.



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    Blake Mcnelis
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    My Grandpa passed away from cancer and while he was bedridden and unable to move the doctor had to put him on his side to clean his bottom or perform other procedures. It caused him lots of pain and the doctor had to hold my grandpa up while cleaning him and it caused my grandpa lots of pain to be held up by the person working on him and it was more work than needed. This bed is designed to help with that problem.
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