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It is an idea which I thought of at the hospital by seeing one person, he had good speech by birth, but due to an accident he had lost his speaking capabilities. In that moment I got an idea to build a device that gives an artificial voice with their own knowledge of words they thought. 

The number of accidentally lost speaking ability patients has increased tremendously when compared to the past. According to the 2008 Census, there are approximately 81, 73, 600 patients in only in US. They find great difficulty in speaking. So, it is necessary to aid them in overcoming this difficulty. Taking this as the problem statement, a proposal is made which enables the patient to speak independently with the help of their own bio signal. The proposed work will ease the patients to overcome these difficulties in their daily life.

Existing devices for aiding patient are like Text to Speech, switch control voice generation, BCI…etc. These setups have limited range of application, complex device access, are not compact, and it is not comfortable to access the device. These drawback are absent in our device.

About the Device
This device is a wearable communication aid for patients who lost their speaking ability accidentally, cases like vocal cord damage, weak nerve junction, muscle-nerve junction loss, ALS, neurological disorders, etc. It provides an artificial voice based on bio-signal acquired vocal cord region.  Non-invasively the signal is processed and artificial voice for the corresponding word thought by the patient will be uttered and displayed.

Core Details:
In our device it will not be any sound based analysis. It is based only on electromyography activity around the vocal cord. Normally our device works based on bio electrical activity on the vocal cord using a noninvasive technique, which is then further processed for generation of artificial voice as user thought.

Advantages of Device

Wearable: our device is wearable. it is made as a neck band hence comfortable.

Compact: whole circuit weight around 22gm with dimension of (3cm x 6cm) size of board, hence compact in size.

Wired/wireless: our device as both wired and wireless model where wireless is by Bluetooth connectivity.

Added application on build-in Mobile: we are working on built-in this device wirelessly to mobile phone for versatile range of comfortable use.

Easily affordable: The total component cost for our device is given below

Wireless Device $19.50
Wired Device $11.47

As per raw material and device assembly, our device has a production cost of only around given below. Price per unit when completely assembled and sterilized as product we are proposing a retail price of $40 - $50 per unit. We have gone through various statistical data for fixing this price.

• Communication Aid
• Military Secret Communication..etc

Our product gives a solution that helps consumers (patient) as Communication Aid with Thought to Voice generation. As working like their own voice, these benefits increase the usability and value of the device for the user to live life on their own.


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    it is an idea which i thought at hospital by seeing one person , he had good speech by birth,but due to an accident he had lost his speaking capabilities, In that movement I got an idea to build this Device.
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