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The emotional status of the brain is obtained by an EEG node connected to the neuron hub running out from Amygdala, the emotion deciding part of the brain. Electrode positioning at exact location is one of the major tasks. Instead of carrying entire equipment since we require only single node information, the small pulses obtained are modulated and sent wireless to the intelligent system which decodes and analyzes the pulse. The EEG node is placed on scalp where it can obtain pulses of thalamus. These signals are difficult to interpret exactly what they mean. But our requirement is confined to just tracking few emotions. Small research on the person when expressing different emotions and recording the pulse graph which serves as a reference to compare the regular pulses continuously traced.

The EEG is highly affected by environmental signals so a small wearable device which amplifies, modulates the signal and transmit that signal to the intelligent system located remotely from person. The intelligent system does the processing of the information obtained. The resulting data obtained is helpful for judging the person's state of mind. The intelligent system does functions of changing surrounding environment like temperature, music, games etc., i.e., set the theme predefined for the emotion. Records all these changes helping for psychological analysis. Help for stress management, help in hiring process in job interviews, criminal interrogation.

The main requirements of the intelligent system are good differential amplifier to differentiate the signal required to others, since the signal processing is done digital the signal is to be converted to digital. This requires a precise sampler since the pulses are weak. A processor/controller to retrieve information from signal and judge it. The output unit may be controlling devices (music, lights, temperature) or record generators or medical diagnosis.


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