Passive Exercising Setup For Diabetic Patients

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Abstract- Due to limitations such as health problems like heart diseases, joint problems, aging problems we have designed & manufactured an automated machine named “Motorized Passive Exercising Setup For Diabetic Patients” which will get the exercise done from a patient. And we have found that it is easier for them to exercise & keep glucose level in control.

The three cornerstones in the treatment of diabetes are food, medications and physical activity/exercise. Out of these three factors physical exercise is most important factor to keep glucose level under control. The diabetic patients follow the diet and take proper medication but most patients avoid the daily exercise. Almost 60% of human body weight is located in the lower part of body hence regular exercise to the lower part of body plays important role in regulating secretion of insulin and to keep glucose level in control. Hence objective behind this concept is to provide a passive exercise to lower body parts of Diabetic Patients to burn maximum calories and keep blood glucose level in control.

Active exercising machines available in market require initial supervised training for using them and these machine cost is very high hence common man can’t afford it just for passive exercising hence it is necessary to provide passive exercising machine within budget of common man.

For providing exercise to lower part of body different mechanisms can be used. From the medical research study and discussion with diabetes expert, physiotherapist it is found that cycling motion is the most appropriate motion to provide exercise to lower part of body. In fitness program, it is the duration of the exercise rather than the intensity that matters. Hence we decided to go with 5 rpm speed for exercising.

In fitness program, it is the duration of the exercise rather than the intensity that matters. Hence we decided to go with 5 rpm speed for exercising for 30 minutes. For this setup we finalized the optimum height of chair and setup require for comfortable seating position of human being and after that we provided telescopic arrangement feature for adjusting the distance between chair and setup depending on height of patient. Once mechanism is finalized we completed modeling of concept and validated design with structural simulation in Ansys. Once concept is evaluated from mathematical and simulation approach we made prototype of concept to evaluate its working.
From prototype working it is seen that 5 rpm is moderate speed for patients ageing from 40 years to 65 years and with 30 minutes of exercise it is possible to burn 800 calories where 1200 calories require to be burn in ideal case.

World Health Organization, illustrated that “The biggest impact (of diabetes) is on adults of working age in developing countries as compared to developed countries” hence to reduce this number, government of India took initiative and funded Technical Institutes to provide solutions to overcome this problem. As a part of this initiative this topic and concept is selected for research assistantship at IIT Bombay.


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