Residential Green Roofs

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There are not many examples of this new design in the residential field. Dennis Miller, one of the best actors in the USA, built a 6,000 sq ft home with a green roof top in Colorado.

Some of you may remember Dennis Miller as he starred in a series as a cowboy in New York City. I would encourage all engineers, young and old to look up this production see it. Normally discarded materials were used to build a residence that was insulated better than even R2000 homes. Alright, one would have to love this kind of building, as it is totally different than any other style of residential construction. Still, once you become familiar with this way of recycling discarded products in an artful and unique way you may fall in love with a tire house.

A, you need south facing hill. You will need several discarded tires. Then you will need clay. This clay shall be packed into each tire. Next you’ll need empty pop cans. Then you need to buy full height windows. You’ll need black stone for the floor behind the windows.

Now you can begin the construction. First you’ll need to pound clay into the tires to form exterior walls. Be sure to leave enough tread to be certain that the sidewalls touch each other at every tire joint. Add water as needed. The friction will stabilise the walls.

When the sidewalls are done, build the interior walls by stacking up pop cans on their sides. Next lay down the black stones close to the southern side. Install pipes below it to capture the heat from the floors. The windows shall lie perpendicular to the solar azimuth.

The rain on the roof is used to grow vegetables. Martin Liefhebber was involved in this unique proposition. Reusing discarded tires for building sidewalls in residential buildings may be a more friendly way to eliminate these pesky problems from catching fire again.

The roof is where all the difference was made, as it had three feet of earth on it. The dearth of green roof tops is a major issue for all of us in North America. Thus we should all do as much as we can to tap into this free energy

Residential units need a major overhaul in roofing design. We may have to eliminate single family dwellings, as providing a green roof for one at-a-time may be difficult to sell. Flat roofs are more amenable for a green roof; the only vexing point would be providing an access for all unit holders.

It only makes sense to incorporate green roof tops across all new buildings. This idea should be used in residential and industrial roofs. Also include green roofs in all industries buildings, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and other facilities.

The only thing stopping green roofs is that few people are aware of their substantial benefits


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