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A Proposed Wind and Renewables Machine Model.

This Proposed Wind Machine Energizes its Rotation by Wind Force, applied on its two Sails [ Photo 1 ].

The Sails assimilate the machine to a “sailboat,” and its name “Argonaut Jason” reminds of the sailboats of the Mythological Era, seeking the “Golden Fleece.” Here the “Golden Fleece” is the “ Free and Clean Energy.”

The Model in Photos 1,2 was tested [ about 20 years ago] under no load, simply for its functional behaviour in the wind.

The model size is relevant to the “handling and palm.”

This form of Renewables proposes Wind Generation together with Photovoltaic Cells Mixed with other Types of Electricity Generating Elements, such as for ...

Due to exhausting fossil fuels and other non renewable energy sources, we have to switch to renewable energy sources and completely depend on it in the near future.

One of the best renewable energy source known to us is solar energy compared to other renewable sources. But then also it has some demerits like the solar energy that enters the Earth's atmosphere reduces to about 40 to 50 percent of the initial energy content in space when it reaches the Earth's surface. Another demerit is solar energy is available only in daylight.

So, to solve this problem I thought of concentrating solar energy in space itself where the concentrating panels are orbiting the Earth and ...

In recent years, it has been our interest to find an unconventional and renewable energy resources to replace the conventional ones. Wave energy is one of such unconventional resources from where we can have a huge a huge amount of energy. But extracting the energy from waves is not an easy task because of problems in designing a system which can withstand the very rough weather at sea as well as can produce a reasonable amount of energy or power from waves.

My floating wave power generating system works better in those conditions. It is a system that floats on sea like a ship and is anchored very well to the base of the sea so that it ...


The existing methods of electric power generation are not enough to meet the increasing demand of electricity. Most of the methods of power generation are either expensive or cause environmental hazards. This led us to think about low cost green technology for electric energy creation.

How does it work?

The high pressure water in the ocean waves is guided into a unidirectional check valve after filtering. This unidirectional check valve opens due to the relative high pressure in the wave crest and it guides the water into an onshore reservoir as shown in the illustration. During wave trough the relative decrease in water pressure closes the check valve and a large amount of sea water is trapped in ...

Magnesium is one of the most abundant elements on the Earth. Once made into an alloy, its applications can be just as numerous. From automobile parts to handheld device enclosures, magnesium can be an essential component to many of the products we use on a daily basis. Compared to aluminum and steel, automotive parts made with magnesium alloys are lighter, burn less fuel, and ultimately release less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the current methods for extracting magnesium require high energy consumption. There are two main methods used for extracting magnesium. As shown in Figure 1, both methods require a high reduction temperature and a large amount of energy. In terms of waste production, one of the methods ...

This novel electricity generator is capable of supplying all our power requirements, thus solving one of the earth's critical needs.

An electricity generator of this invention functions using known electromagnetic principles that simply have not been applied previously. They do not function in the manner of all current-art electricity generators, which move wires through a magnetic field to generate electricity, and require an external source of energy to power that movement. Whereas the velocity of that physical movement in current-art generators is inherently limited and subject to other restrictions, there is no practical limit to the frequency of the inducing current (and therefore the output) of the herein-described electricity generator.

A generator of the disclosed invention generates alternately propagating ...

A new model for a solar chimney power plant (SCPP) with a square-based pyramidal shape, having three sloped solar collectors (each having the shape of a trapezium), a cylindrical collector, a chimney and a field of sun-tracking mirrors, has been abstracted. The geographical latitude and the dimensions of the truncated pyramidal base structure correspond to the ones of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The east, south and west sides of the pyramid are assumed to be constructed as flat solar collectors, while the upper part of the chimney has a cylindrical collector. On the north side, the truncated pyramid has one inlet implying there is no collector on this north side. The ambient air enters the pyramid from the ...

Developing countries are becoming major players in the world economy. But in almost all such nations, energy crisis threatens the inclusive development from this rapid economic growth. With limited energy, nations like India (where the urban contribution to the GDP is over 70%) cannot improve the power security and quality for its rural areas. By affecting services like education and health care, the crisis affects the overall human development and lead to a rise in poverty.

Sunverter is a power electronic device that can convert existing backup systems into an intelligent solar energy management system. Solar photovoltaic panels are connected to existing systems and the generated energy is stored in batteries while excess energy is utilized in ...

Electric Paint Spray Guns are used at execution of repair or reconstruction of buildings and premises. It is well known that in the course of work with Electric Paint Spray Gun it is necessary to execute a auxiliary operations which include transfusion of a paint and hashing for achievement to necessary viscosity. For these purposes it is important to have the simple and convenient pump and a mixer.

We developed the adapter for performance of this works (Fig.1) on the basis of vibratory cavitation technology.
Specification (Fig.1)
1. Assembly the union
2. A clamping nut
3. The holder of the pump’s case
4. The case of the pump
5. The acceptance union of the pump


A solar-thermal power plant as proposed in the project comprises open air cycle combined generator and conventional steam power generation unit in modified central boiler and super heater configuration.

The main purpose of this work is to design thermodynamically efficient and economically favourable solar thermal power generation system by making changes in receiver configuration and efforts are made in combining salient features of various configurations into proposed receiver configuration.

The numerical calculations are carried out in the thesis results shows increase in the receiver surface area based on the power output generated from Rankine power cycle. The thesis is focused on comparative study of various receiver configurations invented in literature.

With the increase in surface area and combination ...

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