Application of piezoelectric material on railway platform, temples, runways, and roads to generate electricity

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With the growing demands of human needs the utilisation of conventional energy has increased tremendously. Consequently environmental issues like global warming etc. have risen. Keeping these facts in view we are preparing a model to present an idea on how the daily energy requirement can be fulfilled in a more practical, feasible and economical way by converting mechanical energy of vibration into electric energy.

In our project we are using piezoelectric material which we are going to apply on railway platform, runways, beneath the tiles of temple, road to generate electricity. imagine the number of people on railway platform.., if we are getting electricity by just walking then why not to switch to this technique.. , same is in temple. on runways when a plane will pass over piezoelectric module a large amount of electricity is generated. A four-lane highway would produce about 1MWh of electricity, per kilometer, enough to provide power to 2500 households. Each generator produces 2,000 watts per hour, which is stored in batteries along the side of the road.

Scientific Principle Involved:-Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting is based upon the piezoelectric effect. The essence of the piezoelectric effect works as follows: by applying a mechanical stress to a crystal, one can generate a voltage or potential energy difference, and thus a current. Piezoelectric materials can become electrically polarized or undergo a change in Polarization when subjected to a stress because the slight change in the dimension of a Piezoelectric material results in the variation in bond lengths between cat ions and anions caused by stress. This phenomenon was discovered on many crystals, for instance, Tourmaline, topaz, quartz, Rochelle salt, and cane sugar, by Jacques and Pierre Curie brothers in 1880, and named as piezo electricity or piezoelectric effect, which describes arelationship between stress and voltage.

Aim & Objectives:-
· Conservation and Utilization of Natural Resources.
· This present model ensures the reduction in the use of coal and other sources of
· By the reduction in the consumption of coal, its reserves will last for a longer time in
earth and will give service to mankind for a longer time.
· This will save a huge amount of money which the government spends for purchasing
power for street light.
· It can reduce the vibration and noise from our society


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