Multiversal Urinal Deodorizer - NODOR

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Recent analysis indicates that more people around the world have access to a mobile phone than a toilet. Although, having access to a mobile phone is not a bad thing, what it simply indicates is that people seem to use cutting edge technologies without having access to basic amenities. An estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to clean and safe bathrooms/toilets, resulting in diarrheal diseases that kill more children than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined. Many developing country governments simply do not have the financial or human capital to deliver improved sanitation to their citizens equally. Furthermore, many development programs that strive to provide sanitation often fail to have the impact and sustainability needed to scale, and instead distort the market for innovation in the sanitation field. To truly remove the inertia on this challenge, profitable sanitation services need to be developed so that businesses—rather than nonprofits—can expand access to coverage in ways that will not only increase their profit margins, but also make a major public health impact.

Our product NODOR is capable of replacing fresh water used for flushing with Ozone (introduced at the source of the odor). Ozone is a reactive gas that oxidizes all odor sources (germs) and gases (vapors). This gas quickly turns back into oxygen (within 15mins). This product is also equipped to automate a typical toilet by controlling the lights, flush and control valves, exhaust fans, music etc. NODOR can facilitate collection of urine and recovery of nutrients for productive industrial and agricultural applications, leading to a new paradigm in waste management which is gaining increasing attention in the recent years [ ]. This system also saves a lot of water (over 90%), prevents foul odor and the chemicals used prevent spread of diseases. In addition, because there is no physical contact (to turn the flush), NODOR has been considered touch-free, that reduces the spread of communicable diseases. Although, this system is not completely waterless, it saves over 90% of the water used by a typical urinal and simultaneously prevents clogging. By using a small amount of water we can continue the use the system with existing urinals without the necessity of changing the plumbing or the urinals themselves. The product pricing is also competitive; a typical user can recover the cost of the device within 1.2 yrs of operation through savings in water, electricity and labor. We are able to comply with EPA standards through the implementation of a series of sensors and monitors (Ozone, ammonia and temperature).


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    Krupakar Murali Subramanian
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    Problems faced by the underprivileged, who cannot solve their own problems and need our help to do so. Having witnessed the problems directly around the world, the opportunities that present themselves to me have inspired me and my designs that are geared towards solving these problems for the betterment of humanity at large.
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