ENV for Green Evaluation of new design

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for evaluating a breakthrough innovation from the view point of the environment. Sometimes an innovation would be declared a breakthrough from a business angle. But later in the product life cycle, it may reveal its wrong impact on the environment, after the corporation invests money and effort. The ENV model helps in identifying the green drawbacks at an early stage of the product development life cycle.

The ENV model makes use of probing questions, selected for domains. E.g., what is the effect on the environment if the product is used by everyone on Earth? Past (prior art), present and future directions are subjected to the same questions. Three levels of evaluation are utilized in ENV. Viz. Red for damaging to environment, Green for good for environment, and yellow for neutral or cannot say. Evaluation is done by the inventing team, witnessing team as well as evaluating team. ENV model is to be applied after achieving GO from evaluating an innovation from the business angle. After applying ENV if the result is RED, innovation needs to be redesigned or to be dropped altogether for the sake of the environment and future generations.

ENV (E.N.V) -> Environment (Often, Breakthrough ideas need not be eco-friendly. UI-UX-Pinch and scroll leads to RSI - Corporate are eager to implement the break Through
products before evaluating its Eco-impact . A bold step towards Greenovation

Corporate are willing to invest on breakthrough products based on market study bfriendly.
Evaluation from commercial angle is easy. End users can be easily misguided that new products add value. But green evaluation is challenging.

friendly; and affects badly the future generation.

ENV Matrix , Questions are dynamically generated, Knowledge automation for selection of questions.
Some typical questions.
What if everyone on Earth uses it?
What if it reaches the hands of terrorists?
When used in some continents and absoluteley not used in other continents what is the impact on say green gases?
What is the impact of health of people/animals/birds/trees?
How to withdraw if need arise. How much time. Who will withdraw?
What is the impact on there environment if withdrawal is not finished within time?
What is the impact on environment after withdrawal?


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    Future generation. Future of earth. Often innovation marked as break-through from business angle. But later, it may reveal its red impact on environment. After investing, ENV model helps in identifying the green draw backs at early stage of product development life cycle.
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