Hypocast Cooling

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Envisioned is a counterintuitive cooling system based on concepts from the pre first century Roman Hypocaust (hypo= under, caust = caustic) heating systems, where coal, wood, straw, etc. was burned with its byproducts of heat, smoke etc. being channeled through a specially prepared floor consisting of a piered layer of marble or other upper layer, channeled through by heat convection (chimney effect), exiting upper wall flues.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypocaust (Hypocaust may be viewed here)

Current products utilize aluminum, metal coated plastics, copper, silver, gold or an amalgam of metals in a honeycomb core sandwiched between two aluminum (or other metal) panels for use as an insulator or a structural member (wall, ceiling or floor panel). metallics are available.

Construction detail: can be assembled utilizing various internal core geometries (hexagonal, octagonal, round, square, triangular etc.) but "utilizes thermally conductive adhesives." Both natural convection & forced air movement are can be combined to create the desired effect of heat transfer or by way of solar impingement.
Additionally, electrically conducting islands can be created by the use of electrically conductive adhesives interspersed between heat conducting areas and insulators.

Entire self cooling buildings could be constructed with this technology or existing buildings could be augmented with this tech to reduce cooling costs. Greater thermo management & weight reduction of equipment could also be attained using this technology. Hollow structures can be more than 70 percent lighter than solid structures and be more forgiving under stress.


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