Ecopot Garbage Garden

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Organic garbage decomposes, smells and needs to be collected often, transported, land filled or incinerated. Cities are looking for low cost green waste disposal! Urban wastes is an unsolved global problem costing huge money & pollution!

Concept & Idea:
Why not grow plants directly from organic wastes without waiting for months for compost? Ecopots garbage garden is a lazy man’s green solution! Grow vegetables in home using your organic wastes as fertilizer.

Technology & Use: The invention is a bio-active two chambered pot (plant & waste) with a middle partition having root holes. In plant part dump soil & seed/ plant. In waste part, just dump your waste & cover with 1-2 inches of soil- takes only 2-5 minutes!

Water plant part alone. Soon seeds germinate, send roots in the root holes of partition into waste part.The waste is converted into fertilizer by bio-active agents built into the pot. There is no smell. In few days, the waste level decreases & waste can be refilled & covered by 1-2 inches of soil. The plants use up the fertilizer and grow flowers & soon vegetables are seen! Old plants are recomposted.

Garbage Garden:
All homes need 40 sq.feet of sunlight area for 20 pots for average home wastes!
The cost of pots is 250 $ for 20 pots. Pots are UV stable last years too.
The home vegetables have no chemicals, healthy & pay back for investment in two years.
We need maximal 10 minutes for organic waste ecopotting & watering before sleep!
If there is no organic wastes, non-organic wastes- paper, plastics, glass can be collected once in three months and recycled (cheaper too).
Cities can be green, garbage free. Why spend money for garbage collections, transport, landfill/incinerate?
For 5000 years man had composted wastes in pits needing labor, costly equipments & compost yards! 21 century city homes can dump in our Ecopots and grow plants- no waiting for separate composts & eliminating city solid waste costs for ever!

Global warming reduction:
1. Carbon: Plants are milligrams in weight, but adult plants weigh in kilos- carbon trapping. Plants take CO2, form food & give Oxygen free for use by humans & animals.
2. Air: Plants also reduce air dust & purify air with pleasant smell too.
3. Oxygen: Each leaf gives 5ml of Oxygen/ sunlight hour! 40 plants in 20 pots with 10-20 leaves/ plant will give 2-4 liters/ hour free!
4. Health: Gardening gives stress relief, relaxes too. Flowers reduce BP too. Let all cities have garbage gardens to have garbage free, green, healthy air & food producing homes- vital for reducing 80 billion tons of CO2 in our air!

Ecopot Garden is a low cost, low time & labor effective solution for garbage, city air & food creation reducing global warming if made compulsory in all homes! Tropical& subtropical cities can grow part of their food too.



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