A Vibratory Adapter for Electric Paint Spray Gun

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Electric Paint Spray Guns are used at execution of repair or reconstruction of buildings and premises. It is well known that in the course of work with Electric Paint Spray Gun it is necessary to execute a auxiliary operations which include transfusion of a paint and hashing for achievement to necessary viscosity. For these purposes it is important to have the simple and convenient pump and a mixer.

We developed the adapter for performance of this works (Fig.1) on the basis of vibratory cavitation technology.
Specification (Fig.1)
1. Assembly the union
2. A clamping nut
3. The holder of the pump’s case
4. The case of the pump
5. The acceptance union of the pump
6. A flexible hose
7. The vibrating plate
On Fig.2 is shown Electric Paint Spray Gun (1) on which the Adapter (2) is established.

For preparation of the adapter for work it is necessary to replace the Nozzle of the spray gun on union 1 adapter and to fix its screw nut 2 (look fig.1). After that the case 4 of the pump of adapter to place under level of paint (solvent) and to include the spray switch. Till the moment of switch connection of the pump it is necessary Nozzle 7 to establish in the tank which is intended for reception of a liquid from Nozzle7.

The results of testing have shown that the adapter successfully works with various types of vibrating sprays. Productivity of the adapter of the pump depends from a capacity of electromagnetic drive and the kinematic viscosity of a liquid (paint).

At capacity of a drive 100?? productivity is equal ??100 L/hour, and at capacity of a drive of 200 watt reaches to 400 L/hour and more. Productivity definition was made at a lifting height of a liquid of 1.5 meters.

The adapter has the repeated purposes: function of the pump it can carry out function of an effective mixer for hashing of paint. For this purpose on the target connecting pipe of the adapter 5 (Fig.1) establish special Nozzle (on Fig.1 it is not shown). Nozzle a mixer as well as component parts of the pump of the adapter can be made of various materials which are approaching for work with neutral or corrosive liquids.

The adapter pump is safe in work and has no super pressure in Nozzle.
From the moment of spray declutching there is a breakage of a stream of a liquid.
Reliability of the pump of the adapter is based on absence of valves and rubbing working surfaces and springs.
Cost of manufacturing of the adapter is small that does its attractive to the mass consumer.

Additional information: www. hightechvibration.com


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