flare reduction in emissions recovery from crude oil shale drilling

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Natural gas liquid (NGL) Recovery from Packaged Compressors

The disparity between the price of natural gas liquid (NGL) and natural gas has heightened the importance to recover NGL from oil and gas production equipment. Concurrently, new oil discoveries, such as the Bakken and Utica oil fields, produce rich natural gas associated with oil production. Consequently, oil and gas production companies are considering new approaches to NGL recovery.

Aspen Engineering Services has developed technology to economically recover NGL from natural gas, without additives, while preventing equipment freeze-up caused by ice and hydrate formation. Concurrently, compressed, lean natural gas is produced that is suitable for pipeline transport, gas-lift wellhead operation, internal combustion fuel, or further NGL recovery. A typical small Bakken well will produce 750 MSCFD of natural gas. Process simulations show that the technology produces 144 barrels per day of NGL, worth $250,000 per month while providing lean compressed gas. The lean compressed gas can be used for portable power to provide a comprehensive solution to flaring in new shale plays such as the Bakken in North Dakota.


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