desalination by means of cold deep sea water

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The idea is that by means of renewable energy (solar wind power) cold deep sea water is pumped up to a thermo isolated storage holder at an increased height so that it provides a natural means of building pressure in the pipe lines.

The water is routed from this container to two spiral columns in an enclosed green house. The first spiral is meant to condensate the humidity present in the green house as the green house is completely closed to get the temperature and therefore humidity (amount of water vapor per cubic meter) to maximize efficiency. The water is then routed to the second spiral where by means of small spray devices under the pressure from the storage container the sea water is spayed in a fine water mist to maximize evaporation. Separating plates are placed between the two spirals to prevent contamination of the condensed water of spiral 1 but to allow humidity to travel from one spiral to another.

Excess water from spiral 2 is meant to transport the salt crystals and not evaporated water through the channel below spiral 2 back to the ocean. The condensate water of spiral 1 is collected in the channel below spiral 1 and transported to be used for whatever means.


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