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Theme of my Design – Reduce water wastage and pollution by the concept of vacu flush in mail express trains

Two major problems in modern toilets in mail express trains.
1. In recent times, some mail express trains do not have modernized toilets and these toilets increases pollution as the excreta (latrine) falls on the tracks of the railways.
2. Some toilets have modern facilities like the excreta get stored in special tanks. In this process, there is a lot of water wastage.

My design tries to solve these two problems –
1. Reduce water wastage.
2. Reduce pollution

Main working Principle – My design works on the principle of Vacu Flush [A concept of flush in the toilets which reduces water wastage by 50%] and Special tank – where the excreta get stored and later get decomposes with the help of bacteria.

Working – When flush button is pressed, the holder to hold vacu flush moves up, thus the water in the upper portion comes down cleaning the pan. When the holder moves up , the vacu flush too moves up , thus when excreta falls on the water , the excreta moves up due to the movement of the vacu flush and forcefully passes the valve and go to the special tank. The excreta will not fall on the tracks thereby reducing pollution and the concept of vacu flush will reduce the wastage of water by 50%

Note – Valve – which will allow water to flow in one direction only. Special tanks where the excreta will get stored and then either gets decompose with the help of bacteria or will either move out of the tank with the help of some other special technology.

Implementation of my design – My design can be implemented in any mail express trains. My design will try to reduce pollution and water wastage by 50%.


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