Water in the Desert

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Even in the desert where the air seems to be completely dry, there is moisture.

NASA: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/WaterVapor/water_vapor3.php

Having moisture in the air does not mean rain. Moisture in the air to turn into rain in this cloud and many factors are needed.

How can we take advantage of this water in the air before the rain?

The proposed project intends to extract water particles from the air, even before the rain happens.

Parts of the project are:

a) a metal tube (about 100m),

b) a collector of water on top,

c) water gutters connected to the collector with ionized surface to attract the molecules of air,

d) a venturi channel which cause a decrease of the internal pressure of the pipe (100m) creating a suction force, forcing the air against the gutters and collector surfaces and bringing the water drops to the "water tap," near the surface.

e) "water tap"

Can be installed more than one system close one each other.


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