StreetStick, safer roads for everyone

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StreetStick, is a modern LED fixture for street lighting, lighting of outdoor spaces, parks, bicycle paths and others with high efficiency, long life and minimalist compact design that meets the most demanding requirements. It can be easily implemented into the higher-controlling systems, and thereby further reduce the energy consumption of our towns and villages.


- Utilizes the most recent LED technology
- Low investment cost,
- Multiple protection (thermal, weatherproof),
- High system efficiency of 115 lm / W, low power consumption,
- Long lifetime, estimated above 100,000 hours,
- NO maintenance and easy servicing,
- Low voltage wiring enhancing safety and reliability,
- Compact dimensions, the thickness of main body just 20 mm,
- Modern minimalist design, suitable for almost any environment,
- High corrosion resistance, IP67,
- Anti RH system, preventing the formation of condensation in the light fixture,
- Simple installation, optional tilt bracket 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°,
- Compact dimensions of the lamp body 100 x 20 x 800 mm,
- Highly recyclable, more than 95% of the material is aluminum,
- Simple construction

About Us
FuturoLighting, Ltd. is a young company based in Piestany, Slovak Republic. It is a certified partner of Osram in "LED Light for You" and focuses on LED lighting solutions with added value. In addition to its own products, such as Catherina, Catherina intended for the furniture industry, Catherina2 (square), Catherina2 LV, StreetStick, CureStick, HighStick, the company offers its design services to help our customers and partners with the development and production of new consumer LED modules and other solutions for a variety of applications.


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