magnetic engine

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This engine basically removes the consumption of fuel and uses magnetic force to rotate the pistons. Basically when two magnets facing the same pole come closer then a torque is produced which tends to rotate the magnet. Once the magnet starts rotation we connect a dynamo with that magnet & further that dynamo is connected through the motor which moves the pistons. The whole system works on natural forces hence it removes fuel consumption.

Concentrating on the mechanism of the engine we will find that when the magnet is put into an external magnetic field, produced by a different source, it is subject to a torque tending to orient the magnetic moment parallel to the field. The amount of this torque is proportional both to the magnetic moment and the external field. Basically this system consist of a static magnet fixed in the middle of the apparatus and 8 small magnets whose diameter is matching with the peripheral length of the bigger magnet. Four magnets are situated in the left side and 4 magnets are situated in the right side. Each magnet is maintaining an angle of 90 degrees with respect to each other. Now once we become able to just take all the magnets so close so that the torque between them gets maximized then magnets situated at the periphery starts revolving on their own axis and our system gets completed. We have to utilize that energy to produce so much energy to rotate the rod connected with the magnet and hence the pistons connected through that rod. As the piston does up and down motion the shaft connected to that piston starts motion and system works.

Above mentioned system is such a system which protects a lot of time, our environment, our expansions etc . This is a one time setup with a very long durability. This system will work as long as the magnetic material doesn't get destroyed.

We spend a lot of money in digging, mining etc -- work which is very expensive. The setup which is provided by us is also a costly setup but its cost is very low as compared to the cost of fuels like diesel, petrol etc. Pollution is a major issue before the whole world. By using this system we can preserve our earth also as there will be no any environmental pollution generated by this system hence there will be no any bad impact on the environment.
At last we want to say that "save money, save environment, and also save non-renewable energy resources."

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