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The most important hope for mankind to escape from the energy problem is Solar Energy. As this source will be with us for a long time. Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of incoming solar radiation (insolation) at the upper atmosphere.

But a large amount of this energy gets wasted because of the reflection from the Earth's surface. So if we have some way to trap this radiation this energy can solve our many energy related problems.

Plasmsolar structure can be helpful for that purpose.

Basic structure of Plasmsolar is shown in the diagram.

When rays incident on the parabolic mirror it reflects back and concentrate on the focal point. This ray enters the layer structure as the refractive index of plasma state material is less than that of air and vaccum and the parabola so placed such that the radiation is incident on the layer structure at a critical angle so the Total Internal Reflection take place and the radiation get trapped in the layer structure. The rays then get concentrated to incident on the devices which converts light energy into the other forms of energy (solar cooker, solar heater, photocell, solar cell).

This concentrated radiation can be used to run a solar water heater, solar cooker rapid way, and to increase the intensity of incident radiation on the photocell to increase the photocurrent.


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