Telescopic Collapsible Shelter (TCS)

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The Telescopic Collapsible Shelter is designed keeping in mind the typical Indian conditions. It is a common road side scene in any Indian cities and towns to find small road side temporary shops. These shops occupy space available on the sides of the road or footpaths or sometimes even roads. Similarly in the weekly marketplace sellers come from nearby areas or villages and set temporary shops to sell various items from fruits and vegetables to small household items. Even some of the important services are provided and are made available on road sides like cobbler, bicycle puncture repair etc.

Sometimes these people erect some temporary cover as protection against extreme climatic conditions or sit in the open. Such road side activities not only provide livelihood to thousands of people, they are also providing service to the society and citizens at an affordable cost.

What is needed is to provide these people a simple, decent, easy to erect, remove and carry, practical solution to cover their head and to protect their goods. Another problem related to road side trading is that though they make Indian roads much more lively, temporary structures, sheds, tents etc. are also responsible for the shabby look of the typical Indian roads.

Telescopic Collapsible Shelter (TCS) provides a practical and simple cost effective solution to the above problems. Standard Modular TCS units 2000 x 2000 x 2000 in size will consist of detachable Stainless Steel Telescopic members. These members will be connected with the help of Nodes made of hard rubber and Bottle screws as shown in the drawing. The main frame after erection will have to be anchored to make it stable against strong wind. Once the frame is in position TCS can be covered by flexible synthetic or other suitable light weight, durable covering sheet.

It is possible to connect standard modular TCS units side wise, to make a large shelter. After the need is over TCS can be dismantled and can be carried back. TCS will also be useful for many other purposes.


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    Ravi Kumar Bhargava
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    The hardship faced by the Road side vendors inspite of the fact that they provide assential services to the society.
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