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Human demands in utilization of energy resources have been growing. Hence there is a need for finding renewal approaches to harvest energy in a sense that is clean in comparison with the fossil fuel energy.

Finding an alternative energy resource instead of the fossil fuel energy not only survives our environment from pollution but also provides enough legacy of fossil energy for our future generations.

Harvesting a renewal and clean energy from the potential energy in nature is a promising way to substitute energy.

Vibration is of interest as an important energy that exists in every movement including a human walk or an airplane fly. To our knowledge, unfortunately these motion energies are wasted in our daily life. This shows the importance for harvesting such energies for the sake of costs and environment

In this study we introduce an inventive approach to harvest electricity from motion due to vibration.

One solution to achieve this aim is to work on nanocomposite layers with nanostring of piezoelectric materials as a generator to harvest electrical energy from vibration, that there were studies on during the past years.

Our idea is to introduce the use of the nanocomposites in sticker template. These stickers are thin layers (approximately 1 to 4 mm) materials that are easy to stick on every surface, and can be installed easily. Also the cost efficiency is another big advantage of this approach.

These stickers can be installed in various places such as the bottom of the shoes in order to charge a cellphone and/or to use GPS in emergency cases. Other examples of placing these stickers are on the body, damper of vehicles, vibrating machineries, under roads layer, railways, airstrips, tires, and etc.

These stickers are miniaturized generators that are suitable and safe sources to harvest electrical energy from vibration. This approach is easy to install for non-professionals and can be used by everyone in daily basis. The next generation of such generators will be built on the roads.


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    Mohammad Parsa Jelvehgaran
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