GRVIMAGNO Powerplant

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The ‘GRVIMAGNO’ means magnets assisting the gravity to produce electricity. The device, which is self-propelled, moves in upward and downward directions in a column of water. Further the complete setup is designed in such a way that maximum energy is derived from the motion of the object in both upward and downward direction. Here gravity causes the device to move down while buoyancy lifts the object to the surface of water.

To get continuous supply of energy, Gravity & Buoyancy of water generates a continuous up and down motion due to which the Dynamo runs continuously.

The mechanism consists of a tank which is filled with water containing two floatable chambers. These chambers connected to each other by a string. This string is passes over to pulley which forms the well balanced system. The whole system is submerged inside the water.The chambers are kept submerged by adding the additional weights to them. These weights balance the whole mass of the chambers. Balancing is done by naturally that is by maintaining the stable equilibrium.

To start the mechanism we just have to push one of the chambers by operating the lever attached to it. By this push chamber moves downwards. Now system gets disturbed in Opposite to it other one moves upwards.The resistance of water will stop the mechanism as time passes. To avoid this magnets are used. Simple disc magnets are attached to each of the chamber having one of the poles of it on upper side. This arrangement is followed by another mechanism which contains the magnet which is attached to the head of the tank. This magnet has the pole same as that of the chambers has. This helps the mechanism to continue forward. As same poles of magnets repel each other, the head magnet pushes the chamber in opposite direction.As the chamber move downwards the other comes upwards as well as the magnet also moves in such a way that it faces the upcoming chambers magnet. This all happens with the help of rack and pinion gear mechanism.

When one of the chambers goes down other comes upward, magnets also moves in such a way that in every move it faces the same pole of magnet which is attached. In to and fro motion magnet pushes the chambers in up and down.

The mechanism is attached with dynamo which runs on to and fro motion of chambers. This produces the electricity of low voltage.The produced current has very low voltage to increase that we can add the Transformer. This increases the voltage. To get this supply of current continue we can use this current by storing it to the batteries. We can put this mechanism on a large scale by connecting many tanks in series.

On large scale production this mechanism is very economical and environment friendly. It can be used as inverter in day to day life, which very essential during power cuts or load shading.


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