Gravity based energy storage

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Electricity derived from SUN & WIND & WAVE & TIDE & Hot-springs is GREEN ENERGY. The ideal and highly desired situation that these green sources completely eliminate use of fuels of any kind to generate electricity, has untill now been impossible because they cannot supply electricity on demand.

We the consumers want electricity to be available on demand and the only way to do that is to fill the green energy gaps by storing the energy for delivery as electricity when we want it. I refer you to the website where I have provided many links to reports which show the looming problem and its consequences. The theory behind gravity storage is also fully explained on the web site.

My GRAVITY Based ENERGY STORAGE System will provide large scale storage of electricity. Unlike traditional methods of large scale electricity storage, gravity based energy storage units can be constructed where needed close to sources of green energy supply and close to users. By storing every kWh of green energy that can be generated, when it is available and providing output of electricity from the storage to the electricity grid on demand, variable sources of green electricity can be matched to the variable load. With this invention Green energy can now be delivered ON DEMAND. Coal,oil, gas and nuclear generation can realistically be phased out.

“The only financially valid way to compare the costs of different sources of energy production is to calculate the per kilowatt-hour (kWh) cost. This methodology controls for variable factors such as capacity factor and useful life.” Gravity based energy storage is expensive to construct but if based on a 70 year life span and an 80 percent duty cycle, the construction cost is less than USD 0.005 per KWH

illustration 1 A familiar sight at Power stations, are cooling towers like these shown . To visualize what large scale energy storage unit would look like, I take the base size and height of one of these and calculate how much energy could be stored in that cubic space. If cast iron weights are used and the lift height is 100 meters then the storage capacity is 55 Megawatt hour. By using many small weights our design provides fine automated control over the rate of storage and delivery of power.

A huge market has been created for our storage units, by the investments that have been made in wind and solar energy generation around the world. They could not sell all the power they can generate because it is not available when demand most needs it. Our storage units will enable them to reduce costs and increase profits by selling every Kw they produce to the customers on demand.

Gravity storage can have efficiency of better than 90% and by nature has long lifespan and minimal maintenance needs. It is ideal for unattended operation for long periods. There are no alternative storage systems that come close to the gravity storage in reliability and cost per kWh.


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    To make green energy resources the main source of electricity supply. I have registerd the company Emerplex (pty) Ltd in South Africa and am now looking for skills partners and investors to produce the invention. The subject is fully covered on the website I created
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