"Argonaut Jason" A Proposed Wind and Renewables Machine Model

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A Proposed Wind and Renewables Machine Model.

This Proposed Wind Machine Energizes its Rotation by Wind Force, applied on its two Sails [ Photo 1 ].

The Sails assimilate the machine to a “sailboat,” and its name “Argonaut Jason” reminds of the sailboats of the Mythological Era, seeking the “Golden Fleece.” Here the “Golden Fleece” is the “ Free and Clean Energy.”

The Model in Photos 1,2 was tested [ about 20 years ago] under no load, simply for its functional behaviour in the wind.

The model size is relevant to the “handling and palm.”

This form of Renewables proposes Wind Generation together with Photovoltaic Cells Mixed with other Types of Electricity Generating Elements, such as for Wind Pressure and Rain Fall [ Photo 2 ].

Further to Solar Systems incorporated, Flexible Mats of Solar Cells, are proposed, to be laid under the base area of the Wind System, its Tower, its Rotor Blade, Sails and Sails’ Compact Casing [providing Aerodynamical and Compact Homing for the Feathering Mode].

An Related Machine structure Model of 132 W [ Solar Tracking System] was studied from First Principles, as per Photo 3.

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