Molten Salt Solar Water Purifier

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Molten salt solar water purification plant is an idea to utilize untreated water available, to convert it into drinking water.

In the developing countries many villages are not connected to central water distribution plant and people living there rely on local water body. Due to lack of grid and other resources the water is not treated and people have to use local and ad hoc methods to get clean drinking water and have to fetch water form distance.

Due to dissolved fluoride and other heavy salts hand pump water are not fit for drinking and cooking that water can also be treated with this system.

In the proposed idea, water is evaporate using solar thermal energy and condensed and can be pumped to village by using solar photovaltaic condenser and pump. The molten salt evaporator is used to make the system run for continuous operation and as the thermal energy efficiency is more compaired to photovoltaic system so preference is given to solar thermal power.

it may be costly but safe. The distilled water obtained as final product is balanced by adding vital salts and can be made available to local community.

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