Capillarity system to desalinize sea water

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This design departs from the inspiration of Ancient Andean technologies that for the last 5,000 years created not less than 60% of the food world eat now. They were based in natural forces and effects, product of milennia observation.

This design uses Capillarity (poorly understood still today) whith its components of adhesion, absorption, cohesion, gravity, surface tension etc. Also the siphon effect, play a big part on it. Capillarity has been demonstrated in Space Lab that one can create an environment where there is not up or down. Molecular forces in the same material (water) or water with a "friendly" conduct i.e. Cotton fiber; will not defy gravity, in essence, but they will carry a "gregativen" energy that is bigger than gravity attraction or i.e. atmospheric pressure.

Here I describe a theoretical system (proven in small experiments) by which Sea water can be converted into either Potable water, agro-water or as an agricultural proposal.
Energy cost is minimum, maybe a little pumping. It is a self sustained, if properly designen scheme for many areas of the world where Climate is good, but water is scarce, as i.e. the 2,500 Km Peruvian coast.

In the attached graphic I expose the design in very simple terms. In the second one how one can get use of water, potable water or agro water.

It is very simple, they key is using Capillarity media like Cotton/wool fiber, Fiberglass, Slag wool, textile waste, i.e. any material "water friendly" for Capillarity (just for the record water "climbs" in cotton fiber 1.5 meters in 4 days) It can be Fiberglass, Slag wool, anything alike. At the end is a play of adhesion/cohesion/absorption vs gravity and atmospheric pressure.

In the second graphic there are some ideas to use the Capillarity Siphon scheme for cultivation, making suitable agro water (low in NaCl, there are crops that can deal with that) or use Sun energy to make it potable by a Black collector(plastic) intermixed with a heat conductor (i.e. imbed copper powder or iron or use the fiber system to...plant seeds.

Last but not least, in my design there is a basic Chemical/Physical concept, which is the stratification of a solution, in this case I just make it to work in a very calm system. Since the system cost energywise almost nothing and physical installations are very simple; Capillarity, Siphon & stratification effects are the key...and they are natural forces. In a Chinese said "It is not what you cook, but how you cook it!"


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