Light Tube - Winning strategy against bacteria

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Light Tube was developed as a possible solution to produce clean water, without algae formation after exposition under the sun. Until now, optical sterilization by UV involved the use of a tank, in which the liquid must be irradiated for a certain period. These traditional devices are energy and time expensive.

Light Tube device is directly connected to a polyethylene pipe, in which the water (or other fluids) flow. The benefits are the prompt functioning when you turn on the device, without waiting the time of gas starter devices, for example mercury lamps.

Because the use of LED UV is new, the frequency is not yet used in the current market.

I made chemical/biological analysis, with and without turning-on the device. The difference in E-coli is a 60% reduction.

This idea may be applied in all automatic beverages points, aquariums, surgery rooms also for air, for depressed areas having few energy available and spacecraft, where dimensioning is vital.

Simply you cablate UV LEDs inside the pipe wall, plug the wires to turn-on the LEDs, and connect to the water plant. When the water exits it is already filtered.

In my opinion this device may improve quality of life, especially in places where it is difficult to have a traditional filter system. It can improve public safety and security, save time and money for energy, offering alternative filtering solutions using less energy solutions, because it reduce consumption of natural resources. At the same time, Light Tube leads to other product improvements, in any medical, social area.


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    Living in Country Side have made necessary a water purification from bacteria, without using great amount of energy, for example using a PV panel ....
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