real time solar panel tracking system

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This system uses real time position of sun to track solar devices. it consist of
1) very fine pixeled solar cell panel of about 5*5 inches (from now called as PSCP). Size and pixel density will depend on accuracy required just similar to that of a camera.
2) an opaque object (called as OO)fixed rigidly ,relative to the PSCP. Again PSCP is fixed to ground.
3) a PLC +Decoder which will analyse results of output from PSCP.
4) motors to move solar device and face the Sun accurately.

We have 2 components(PSCP and OO) fixed relative to Earth. Two thing moving relatively to each other are sun and shadow of OO falling on PSCP. That means if we know position of shadow on PSCP ,we accurately know the position of the sun. By decoding the position of shadow of OO falling on PSCP every 30 seconds, the sun can be tracked every 30 seconds.
As our PSCP is made up of very small sized solar cells, if light falls on a cell output is 1. and if light is restricted by OO output is 0. Thus for a given instant a limited number of cell (depends on size of OO) output will be 0 and for rest it will be 1. From this data we know the position of shadow on PSCP, hence it is possible to accurately track the sun in real time.
PLC will analyse the data from Decoder and pass on electric signals to move motors according to program which will relate position of shadow and position of the device to be tracked.

1) problem solved: most of the tracking devices are merely time basis, and we clearly know that the sun cycle is not fixed (whether yearly or geographically). for example a time based system designed for summer will not work perfectly in winter, when it actually needs to.
2) manufacturing: no customized part to be made separately, as all parts that we require are standard.
3 )cost: only cost of PSCP is additional here and depends on size. While other systems also have same components, ie motors and PLCs. Hence it is cost effective as tracking time can be reduced to 30 sec directly contributing to increased power production.
4) only 1 tracking device is sufficient to track various solar devices and the system is fully automate which will further reduce operational cost.


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