Advanced Solar receiver design for concentrated solar power generation

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A solar-thermal power plant as proposed in the project comprises open air cycle combined generator and conventional steam power generation unit in modified central boiler and super heater configuration.

The main purpose of this work is to design thermodynamically efficient and economically favourable solar thermal power generation system by making changes in receiver configuration and efforts are made in combining salient features of various configurations into proposed receiver configuration.

The numerical calculations are carried out in the thesis results shows increase in the receiver surface area based on the power output generated from Rankine power cycle. The thesis is focused on comparative study of various receiver configurations invented in literature.

With the increase in surface area and combination of cavity and external receiver in suggested configuration reduction in receiver height can be obtained and thus decrease in heliostat field area. Latent heat storage system proposed in the receiver configuration eliminates auxiliary machineries.

Separated boiler-superheater configuration to obtain controlled heat transfer to receiver is also included in the receiver configuration. Numerical calculations have been done to obtain results while reaching to conclusion about heat losses due to convection and radiation.

Objectives of Design-

• To increase the Radiation heat transfer to the solar thermal receiver

• To minimize the Heliostat field required for concentrating solar radiations on the receiver.

• Decrease the height of receiver.

• Increase in power output using combined steam-gas power cycle.

• Separation of boiler and superheater module to achieve controlled heat transfer.

• Inclusion of latent heat storage system in receiver configuration.

• Combination of external and cavity receiver in suggested configuration to minimize convective heat loss.


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    Abhijit Kalbhor
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    My design is focused on modification in existing receiver configurations so as to improve performance of concentrated solar thermal power system
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    Pro- Engineer and Solidworks
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