Solar Panel Chimney for House Ventilation

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For reducing global warming, many efforts have been made to create new green reliable devices that can be used for the life of people. These devices normally use the power from the natural resources such as the sun, rivers, lakes, ocean, rain, geothermal activity and so forth. In addition to generate electricity, the solar panels on the rooftop can also form a solar chimney for house ventilation.

Fully Utilize Solar Energy
1) Radiant light from the Sun -- solar photovoltaics – Solar Panel;
2) Radiant heat from the Sun -- solar heating – Solar Chimney.

Adding the already proved technologies of “Passive ventilation form solar chimney”; “Generator by air buoyancy” and “Regular rooftop solar panel”, the rooftop solar panel can be re-arranged; grouped and boxed to form an effective Solar-Panel-Chimney, to serve as passive ventilation system, without much expense! And fully utilize the solar power! (Fig1)

Moreover, the airflow can also reduce the temperature of the solar panel which is also very temperature sensitive.

CFD Numerical analyses had been conducted to confirm the feasibility and major results are:
1) Optimization was achieved. Best width H2 for vertical chimney is 0.5m and inclined chimney H1 is 0.4m (Fig 2 – Simulation results I).
2) The chimney has to be continues design to avoid bottleneck effect which will dramatically reduce air flow (Fig 2 – Simulation results II).
3) Meaningful air flow rates of 6,000 [L/min] were observed under normal conditions.
4) Temperature difference could reach 4 degree with or without this system (Fig 3 top).

Experiments were also conducted to understand the physical mechanism of the phenomenon (Fig 3 bottom). Based on the study, the Solar-Panel-Chimney and its advantages are worth of investment.


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